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- I got my first drum set on my 10th Birthday back in 2002, and the first song I ever learned to play was Rock & Roll from Led Zeppelin and I basically never looked back from that point on. In those early years I was fortunate enough to study under Carl Puglisi, Sergei Ioannisyan, and Gillian De Lear at Music Maker School in Acton Massachusetts; all of whom had an enormous impact on my development as a drummer and provided me with an amazing foundation of fundamental skills that I would go on to utilize for my entire drumming career.


By the time I entered 7th grade music had completely overtaken my life and became my life's pursuit, and around this time I also began to more seriously get into recording as well. This led me to the goal that would get me through High School, which was to attend and graduate from Berklee College of Music. I was lucky enough to be accepted, and doubly fortunate enough to graduate from Berklee in 2015 with a Bachelor's Degree in Music Production & Engineering, and I also completed most of the Film Scoring Major as well. While I was at school my first real band, Zero Point, ultimately ended for the time being which was a serious bummer, but my love for playing Metal live never left me through my college years.


During my time at Berklee I played in Aversed, The Killer Gentlemen, Seven Spires, and was also part of The Berklee Metal Ensemble for 3 semesters which also led me to be a part of the Queen Boudicca Metal Opera that was performed at the BPC in March of 2015. 

After graduation in May 2015, an extremely important chapter of my life began that continues to this day, and that was the beginning of Graviton with Cam Tidman, my old Elementary School friend Taylor Scott, and a Berklee classmate Frank Taylor. Frank quite understandably relocated back home in late Summer of 2015 which then led to Yoav joining the band and it's been that core ever since. I have been lucky enough to share the stage with these fine gentlemen for half a decade now and we've played a lot of really amazing shows together and have been through some wild times.

Being able to play out as much as we have led Cam and I to meet Paul and Marc from DMP (now Restless Spirit), who we would go on to join and do our first proper tour with in Summer 2017. This kicked off the touring age and I've been able to be on the road at some point each of the years since, excluding this bullshit year of 2020 thus far. To briefly circle back a few years, in late August of 2016 I joined forces with Brian Westbrook of Lich King and together we opened Sonic Titan Studios in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts where we've been able to record so much amazing talent that the fertile Massachusetts Metal Community (and music community in general) has to offer. And this is also where we were able to record, mix, and re-master the first Graviton full-length, Per Erebus Ad Astra.


Moving forward several years, in August of 2019 I got the incredible opportunity to join Death Metal pioneers, Atheist, as a touring drummer. My first tour with them was opening for Cattle Decapitation on their Geocidal Tendencies U.S. Tour which was one of the most intense and enormously fulfilling experiences of my life. Unfortunately we are in the midst of a pandemic and that's where the story ends for the time being. But it is merely a pause in my Live Drumming and Recording pursuits, and the future is still bright and full of really cool things I look forward to updating this bio with. Until then, that's a snapshot of me; be well, be safe, see you down the road.

- Anthony (August 20th, 2020)

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